Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Save Heirloom Turnip Seeds

How to Save Heirloom Turnip Seeds:

Turnips-Are bee pollinated, self-incompatible, biennial roots that easily cross with many other bassicas; turnip, radish, rape, mustard, rutabaga, Chinese cabbage, and wild  varieties of turnip and mustard. 

You're safe from crossing only if your seed bearers are not within 1/4 mile of any of those related plants while both are flowering.  But the problem the first year is to get the parent plant through the winter.  In the coldest zones, dig and store the root, and then replant the next spring. 

In warmer areas mulch and leave in the garden.  Allow 18 inches between seeding plants.  After seed pod become yellow, cut the stalks and manage like cabbage.

Turnip seed is very strong; with care it should keep it's germinating power for 5 years or more.

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