Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How To Save Heirloom Carrot Seeds

How to Save Heirloom Carrot Seeds:

Carrots are insect-pollinated biennials that will cross with other varieties and with wild carrots.  So it is very hard to get pure seed where wild carrots (Queens Anne's Lace, etc) grow or within a mile of other flowering carrots.  

Crossing with wild carrots will results in whitish, fiber, non-sweet roots. You have to over winter your prospective parents.  Choose your best plants and mark them.  In the fall break or twist off the tops leave only about a inch of green stem.  Store those buried under the ground deep enough so they won't freeze.  Mark your spot.  In the spring set them out in rows, with the crowns level with the ground, and off they'll go again. 

The second year they become inedible because they send all the food out of the root in the seed stalk, and the root gets woody.  The seeds don't come or ripen all at once.  First they come on the main stem and then on the branches.  Wait until the greenish color disappears from the seeds and the branches they hang from.  then cut the stalks, air -dry further, rub out the seed by hand and screen.  Sift or winnow there, rub out the seed by hand and screen.  Sift or winnow out the sticks, etc. A dozen carrot plants would probably give enough seed for your family.  

Our Heirloom Seeds will stay healthy and germinate at least 7 to 10 years when stored correctly.

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