Saturday, November 24, 2012

How To Save Cucumber Heirloom Seeds

Step by Step on How to Save and Store Heirloom Cucumber Seeds:

Heirloom Cucumber Seeds- After being green your cucumbers for seed will turn yellow and then brown. The skin will become hard, almost like a gourd.  Then it's finally ready. You can store the hard brown fruits in a cool place for as long as a several weeks at this stage.  That enables you to wait until all your seed cukes are ready and then process them all at once.

Getting Out the Seed: Cut each cucumber fruit in half, trying not to damage any more seeds than necessary as you do it.  Spoon out the seed together with the surrounding pulp into a nonmetal  container (glass or crockery).  Let seeds and pulp sit and ferment at room temperature, stirring twice a day.  After 2 to 4 days the jellylike pulp that had been clinging around the seeds will change into a think liquid that lets them go.  It's ready for the next step when most of the seeds are at the bottom of the dish and the liquid above is pretty much clear.  Don't worry about the seed that are still floating.  They are doing that because they're hollow, no good and wouldn't grow any way.  Skim and dump those seeds.  Don't get in a rush and skip this fermenting process because it destroys seed-born disease--a very important step in saving cucumber seeds.

Rising and Drying Cucumber seeds:  Finish the seeds by filling your container with cool water, letting the seeds setting to the bottom and pouring off what's left.  Do that several times.  Now spread out the seeds to dry, no more than 1 layer deep, in a place like a sunny window.  Don't use artificial heat like a oven or a heat lamp, that could hurt or kill them.  Figure on at least 2 days for them to dry, and then you can store.

Storing the Heirloom Seeds:  Label them with the year, their variety and the characteristics you selected them for.  It's a long time until next spring or the spring after that, and you're may to forget if you don't record it.  Store seed in a cold, dry place.  Don't panic if they freeze.  If the seeds is dry, freezing not only won't hurt but may even improve the crop.  Our Cucumber Heirloom Seeds can easily germinate for 10 years or more.

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