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Natural Flu Remedy Protocol

Flu Protocol

At the first sign of a flu (sneezing, elevated temperature, muscle and joint aches, coughing, etc.) this is what I do.

I spray my nose with colloidal silver (10ppm.) I do this often and continue until I am well. I also take colloidal silver internally. I find sipping as much as I can at the beginning often stops the process. I cannot, by law, prescribe amounts, but you can do a little research and decide on what level is good for you. I use 10ppm.

How does the silver work? Scientists tell us, after close observation of live blood, that the silver particles are attracted to ALL single celled organisms. They go right for the nucleus and attach themselves. About thirty seconds later the organism dies. It is important to note that we have good bacteria in our mouths, gut, etc. so taking colloidal everyday, all the time is probably not a good idea.

This next remedy might not sound very high tech or exciting, but, believe me, it is powerful.

I make a broth and freeze it. You will not feel like gathering the ingredients and cooking the broth when you are sick.

In a gallon of distilled water:  (use organic vegetables if possible)

    1.8-10-cloves of garlic, chopped

    2. 2-3 yellow onions, chopped

    3. 5-7 carrots, chopped

    4. 5-7 stalks of celery

    5. a handful of parsley  

    6. 2-3 inches of ginger root, chopped

    7. cayenne pepper to toleration

    8. sea salt or “real” salt

    9. about a teaspoon of curry, more if you want it

I bring this broth to a boil, then simmer for about forty-five minutes. I keep some of the broth with the solids and some I strain.

When you are really feeling poorly, the strained broth will be the best. It will hydrate you and deliver essential medicines to your body. There are many healing components in this mix, too many to list. Garlic, alone, would take up a page.  

As you begin to feel better and gain an appetite, the broth with the solids will continue the healing work.

I also take extra vitamin C, and Echinacea extract.

Often the respiratory system is deeply compromised. For the nose, I spray the colloidal silver. Sometimes I irrigate with a mild sea salt dilution (Neti pot, or small blue bulb.) If my throat is raw, I gargle deeply with a one-to one mixture of hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Never gargle with straight peroxide as it may burn your tissue.

If the lungs are congested, tea tree oils inhales are very helpful. I put two-three drops in a mug, pour rapidly boiling water to the top, cup my hands around, sniff, then deeply inhale until all of the steam is gone. Pour the mixture down the drain…NEVER ingest tea tree oil.

If your fever is too high, a warm wash cloth placed along the spine can bring it down. However, virus can be killed by heat. It is the body’s natural response to any viral invasion, so a fever can actually assist the healing process if it isn’t too high for too long.

White Willow Bark is aspirin in its original, natural form. It doesn’t produce the contraindications of the pharmaceutical copy. I take it for any aches and pains that accompany the “flu.”

Remember the old advice about drinking a lot of liquids…still holds true. I use the broth as much as I can.

If what we are told is true, that this “flu” will be back in the fall, then now is the time to organize your remedies.

Please note, there are other natural remedies out there that people use and swear by. By all means, do what works for you. This protocol is what I find works best for me and I hope it has given you some direction.

Good Health to all. 

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