Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to save Heirloom Seeds (Dill)

How to save Heirloom Dill Seeds:

To harvest dill seeds, You'll need to cut the plants BEFORE the seed heads turns dark brown, because after that the Heirloom Dill seeds will begin to fall to the ground.

If you can harvest our Heirloom Dill Seeds on a dry summer day.  Tie in bunches an hang in a airy but shay place.  Have something underneath the Dill Seeds to catch the seeds that drop or just lay them on a clean paper.  when the heads are dry, shell off the seeds and store in a covered glass jar or fold up stalks and all in your paper (they'll keep fine).  One school of thought says the Dill seeds are better dried off the head; I can't tell the difference.  You can also freeze dill or grow it in a kitchen pot through the winter.

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